"Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff

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Premiere: “Carmina Burana” stage cantata by Carl Orff

For the syncretic type of theater, in which music, dance and art intertwine, Orff has picked 25 songs from unknown authors – medieval troubadours and groups them in three main parts about spring, wine and love, encompassing the main spheres in human life!

Soloists: Maria Tsvetkova – soprano, Georgi Sultanov – tenor, Yordan Hristozov – baritone; Conductor: Ivan Kojuharov; Director: Darina Glavanakova – Bakardjieva; Painter: Maria Trendafilova; Dance: Jelka Tabakova; Choir conductor: Nevena Mihaylova; Concert maestro: Vanya Zlateva


“Bolero” Ballet on the music of Maurice Ravel

With the participation of the ballet of State opera Burgas. Main roles: Galina Kalcheva, Milen Petrov – guest; Conductor: Ivan Kojuharov; Choreography: prof. Hikmet Mehmedov


Part of Burgas musical holidays "Emil Chakarov"

Summer theater, Tuesday /4 August/, 20:30 hours


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Burgas, Summer theater
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"Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff

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