1st International swimming tournament for "Cup Burgas"

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25 and 26 July /Saturday and Sunday/

25-meter swimming pool in housing complex "Meden rudnik" High-school "Konstantin Petkanov"

Around 400 swimmers from 5 countries - Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Germany and Bulgaria, will take part in the competition, which is for all age groups.

The official opening is on Saturday from 9:15 hours. The best in the different age groups and different disciplines will receive medals and awards. Monetary prizes are provided for the first places in the Open competition - 150 euro for 1st place, 100 for 2nd and 50 for 3rd. The official award and closing ceremony will be on 26 July /Sunday/ around noon.


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Burgas, swimming pool in "Meden rudnik"
Coordinats : 42.45713806, 27.42137337
1st International swimming tournament for "Cup Burgas"

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