Underwater fishing tournament for cup “Gencho Pavlov”

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Start: 10:00 hours on Saturday, 25 July

Sea of Burgas bay from cape Foros to cape Bivolite, including island St. Anastasia.

Competitors from all the clubs or associations, members of BFUS, have the right to participate. Fishermen below the age of 16 are not allowed, and those bellow 18 are accepted only with consent from their parents, legalized by a notary.

The validity of the caught fish will be noted by the head referee. Every presented fish under 225 grams deprives the competitor of 300 points. Valid are specimen over 300 grams. According to the regulation the catching of flat-bottomed fish, sturgeons, sharks and eels is forbidden, and limited of sea sparrows, barbed umbrine and others.


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Coordinats : 42.49303055, 27.48772049
Underwater fishing tournament for cup “Gencho Pavlov”

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