July Morning

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An unforgettable experience awaits the fans of rock on the night of 30th June.

Headliner of the "July" stage will be the friend of Burgas - Jeff Scott Soto. His participation guarantees strong rock emotions and incredible memories of the beach event.

Before the sun of the first July day rises, on stage will step the Englishman Jersey Budd. He comes for the second time in Burgas, to present his new album. Together with him will rock part of the musicians of band SILUET.

Among the surprises of this year's edition of July Morning, organized by Municipality Burgas, is the actor Filip Avramov - Fitsata. This time he will not enter the role of a theater character, but will demonstrate his musical talent with the band "Gingifil".

New projects will present one of the most popular and loved Bulgarian groups - P.I.F. Their new album is almost complete and residents and guests of Burgas will have the chance to hear some of their songs on July Morning. Participation in the party confirmed the "wake up" rock band Stokholm, the boys from band Affection, which will play for the first time on July Morning, as well as the fresh "Stiff Bones".

The last June party will again be held on Central beach, on the shore line under Cultural center "Sea casino". The start of the concert is at 19:00 hours.


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Burgas, Central beach, on the shore line under Cul
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July Morning

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