Extreme cinema panorama

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Extreme cinema panorama - Echo from Bansko film fest

Movies about adventures, mountains, traveling and cultures far away will teleport residents and guests of Burgas to some of the most exotic and hard to reach places on the Earth - South America, the Himalayas, Alaska, Africa, the Antarctic, Mongolia and many more. All of this will be presented within the frameworks of three days - 25, 26 and 27 June, in the hall of Expo center "Flora" in the Sea garden.You will get to know the achievements of world class adventurers, who manage astonishingly with the challenges in extreme conditions. Some of the movies are related to the daily life, art and culture of the mountain people, some of which are gradually disappearing. These are real stories about courage, will and friendship, which change the concepts for human abilities.

Concomitant events of the Extreme cinema panorama are photographic exhibitions:

- "The colors of Alaska" - authors Rumen Radev, Yoanna Mateeva, Doychin Boyanov;

- "Caucasia`2014" - authors Tako Mladenov, Yanko Doychinov;


Organizers: Municipality Burgas, company "Pro Audio" and Association "International festival of the mountaineer movie",


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Burgas, expo center "Flora"
Coordinats : 42.50375748, 27.48228073
Extreme cinema panorama

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