Exhibition of Ivan Bahchevanov

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The art lovers will have the chance to enjoy the works of the painter for 2 weeks.

The paintings of Ivan Bahchevanov "sail in an unkown sea", but all who are familiar his works know, that in every painting he has put a small piece of the Black sea.

He has been chosen as "Painter of the year" in Burgas and has represented Bulgaria in the EU.

Ivan Bahchevanov speaks with the language of his incredible art, in which anyone can find their pier, a place for thoights, a gasp of fresh air and the smell of the sea!

Art Gallery "Niko" str. "Pomorie" 16


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Burgas, str. "Pomorie" 16
Coordinats : 42.50254059, 27.47886276
Exhibition of Ivan Bahchevanov

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