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As part of a Romantic Weekend in Burgas, June 11-13, the island of St. Anastasia offers an irresistible romantic experience.
On June 11 and 12 we invite you to join an inspiring adventure, with the opportunity to take pictures against the setting sun and the beautiful views of the Burgas Bay.
In both days on the island you will find amateur photographers from the Burgas School of Photography, who will take photos and give valuable advice for capturing memorable shots.
A compliment to the romantic islanders will be the free talk on the island!
Extraordinary evening courses are also provided for special trips.
19:00 - departure from "Shop 1"
19:30 - 21:30 - free time on the island
21:30 - departure from the Island
22:00 - arrival of "Shop 1"
For more information and reservations: 0882 004 124,


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Бургас, остров " Света Аанстасия"
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Romance on the Island - photo tour

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