A day of clear sea

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As part of the Copper Weekend, June 18-20, St. Anastasia Island organizes a "Clean Sea Day".
In the early hours of June 20, divers from the club "Friends of the Sea" - Bourgas will clean the seabed around the island. We invite you to try freshly baked mussels in a tin, the special island herbal beer "Bile" and home-made honey lemonade with fresh mint leaves. We will plant the island garden with new, fresh herbs and vegetables.
The first visitors will indulge in hot musical emotions with the Burgas band "Hot Sand", which will give a concert on the island.
On June 20, the ship "Anastasia" will depart from "Shop 1" at the following hours: 10:00; 11:30 h; 13:30; 15:00; 17:00
Advance reservation required: 0882 004 124; reservations@gotoburgas.com


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Бургас,остров " Света Аанстасия"
Coordinats : 42.49309540, 27.47235680
A day of clear sea

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