Exhibition "Settlement mound Burgas"

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The first archeological excavations of a prehistoric cultural monument, conducted by specialists of the Burgas Museum, were in 2008-2009. Then a team with research supervisor Miroslav Klasnakov studied the Burgas mound. It is the most ancient settlement within the modern city. It originated in the late period of the Neolithic Age - the end of VI millennium BC. and lasted throughout the Stone-Copper Age - V millennium BC. Field observations of the cultural layer with a thickness of 2.70 m and the analysis of the discovered materials establish that the mound presents two prehistoric epochs - Neolithic and Chalcolithic, each with several levels of habitation. Most of the registered dwellings, the structures and the inventory in them were destroyed by strong fires. The excellent restoration of objects and vessels allows the audience to enjoy the richness of forms and decorations, as well as to enrich their ideas about the life and culture of the earliest agricultural and pastoral tribes that inhabited the territory of modern Burgas. The finds from the Burgas settlement mound are presented in the Prehistory and Ancient Shipping in the Black Sea Hall at the Archaeological Museum at 21 Bogoridi Street. From March 12, within a month, in Hall 2 you will be able to see a photo exhibition excavation time. The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:00 to 17:00.


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Exhibition "Settlement mound Burgas"

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