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On August 31st we will hear the indie pop-rock band HAYES & Y for the first time on stage of Saint Anastasia island where they will present their new single "safeplace". This is the band's first concert in the city for the last three years.

The group consists of Blagoslav Atanasov - vocals, rhythm guitar; Radoslav Lozansky - guitar, synth; Ivaylo Delev - bass guitar; Dennis Holbek - percussion.

HAYES & Y is a young, prosperous group with numerous concerts in Bulgaria and abroad, known to the Burgas audience from Spirit of Burgas where they go out before Kasabian on the main stage in 2015. Their music is a mixture of indie-pop and rock-dance with electronic elements.

In order to attend the event, reservation is required at / 0882 004 124 (daily from 09:00 to 17:00).

Ticket price including travel by ship "Anastasia": 29.00 BGN.


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Saint Anastasia island
Coordinats : 42.46771240, 27.55312347
Concert of HAYES & Y Group

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