Walking tours of Burgas with Burgas free tour

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Walking tours, organized by Burgas Free Tour, have started again in Burgas. Every day from 10:00 AM in front of the new tourist information center (opposite of the city clock) there will be a guide, who will take you around the sights of Burgas in the central part of the city. With Burgas Free Tour you will feel the urban atmosphere of Burgas. The tours are in English.*

The walking tour will take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes and it goes by that route:

  • The city clock
  • “St. Nicolay Miracleworker’s” arch
  • “Troykata” square
  • Monument “Alyosha”
  • Square “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”
  • Ethnographic museum
  • The Armenian church “Surp Hach”
  • The church “St. Virgin Mary”
  • The Burgas synagogue  - Gallery “Petko Zadgorski”
  • Street “Aleko Bogoridi”
  • Cultural center “Sea Casino”

The representative оf Burgas Free Tour take around the guest of the Burgas city voluntarily without having a wage. So if you liked the walking tour, you could tip the guide with a chosen amount from you.

*Request is needed if you want a tour in Bulgarian or in Russian language.
For contacts with Burgas Free Tour:
Phone number: 0896 602 123


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Burgas, by the Clock
Coordinats : 42.49361420, 27.47246933
Walking tours of Burgas with Burgas free tour

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Web : www.facebook.com/BurgasFreeTour
Phone : +359 896602123
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