"Sex, Drugs and Hip-Hop"- Performance

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"Sex, Drugs and Hip-Hop" is the first in Bulgaria Hip-Hop play made by the team of the series "Fake rhymes". The premiere of the spectacle in Burgas will take place on April 12, 19:00, on the stage of "NHK".

The premiere in Burgas is thanks to Marusya Ruseva and "Art Atelier". Tickets can be found at the "NHK" cash desk and at 0894/898-098.


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Burgas,1 "Troykata" Skr
Coordinats : 42.49799347, 27.46966362
"Sex, Drugs and Hip-Hop"- Performance

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Web : www.facebook.com/events/400085200767195
Phone : +359 894 898 098

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