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80 years since the birth of the magnificent Nevena Kokanova. The general event will take place on February 8 and 9 (Friday and Saturday) and bears the name of the great native actress "Days of Neven Kokanova".

On February 8 (Friday) at 18:00 in the "Ahelo" conference hall of Grand Hotel & SPA "Primoretz", Georgi Toshev will present his own book and film dedicated to the lady from the native theater and cinema.
After the literary event, a movie screening will begin.

On February 9 (Saturday) three films with Nevena Kokanova will be screened, directed by her husband Lyubomir Sharlandjiev.

Entrance tickets: 4 BGN.


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Burgas, Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz
Coordinats : 42.49103928, 27.47973824
Nevena Kokanova Days

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