Festival "Jazz in Burgas" 2019

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Within five days Burgas will live again in the jazz rhythm. Two portions of good music will be on 11, 12 and 13 July, and on August 15,16,17, when one of the best Bulgarian and foreign jazzmen will be on stage at Exo Center "Flora".

In 2019, the festival offers its program already in six days: 11, 12, 13 July and 15, 16, 17 August, and the host will again be “Flora” Expo Center.


Tickets can be found in the Eventim network, and at the cash desks of: Cultural center “NHK”, Exposition center "Flora" and in the Tourist Information Center next to the "Clock".


July 11 /Thursday/ - 20:00

1/"Red Light District Project"

Dara Doneva-vocal

Boil Caraneichev-vocal

Simeon Minchev - guitar

Krasi Zafirov - guitar

Nikolay Kostadinov - piano

Kamen Petrov-bass

Adrian Nikolov - drums


2/ "Chris - Cross"

Peter Momchev - saxophone

Vladi Mitshev-trombonе

Alexander Logosarov - guitar

Evden Dimitrov-bass

Vasil Vutev - drums


3/ "dRom" /Greece/

Thanos Stavridis - accordion, piano

Yannis Karakalpakidis - guitar

Vasilis Atanasio - clarinet, saxophone

Christos Tassius - percussions



July 12 /Friday/ - 20:00

1/"David Downey Trio"/Australia, England/

David Dower /Australia/ - piano

Luke Fowler /England/ - bass

Matt Fisher /England/ - drums


2/"Two quitars Jazz live"

Petar Koychev - guitar

Vesselin Koychev – guitar



Rosen Zahariev - trumpet

Miroslav Ivanov - guitar

Antoni Ricev - bass guitar

Nikolay Danev - percussion



July 13 /Saturday/ - 20:00

1/Armel Dupas "Piano solo concert" with special guest Petar Salchev

Armel Dupas /France/ - piano

Peter Salchev - vocal


2/"Jazz cats"

Arnau Garofe Faras /Spain/ - saxophone

Lyubo Tsanev - piano

Dimitar Karamfilov - double bass

Hristo Yotsov - percussion


 3/"Big Band in Action"

Angel Zabersky – piano

Boris Taslev - bass

Stoyan Yankulov-Stundji - drums

Mihail Yosifov - trumpet

Todor Bakardzhiev - trumpet

Martin Tashev - trumpet

Georgi Stoykov - trumpet

Dimitar Bakardjiev - tenor saxophone

Dimitar Liolev - alt saxophone

Arnau Garofé /Spain/ - Tenor saxophone

Venelin Georgiev - saxophone

Denis Popstoyev - baritone saxophone

Vladislav Michev - trombone

Dimitar Stoev - trombone

Bozhidar Vasilev - trombone

Velislav Stoyanov - trombone

Alexander Logozarov - guitar



 August 15 /Thursday/ - 20:00

1/ "Ecology" by Dimitar Karamfilov

Marina Gospodinova - vocal

Vladimir Karparov - saxophone

Konstantin Kostov-piano

Dimitar Karamfilov-bass


2/"Jihye Lee Quartet"

Jihye Lee /Korea/ - vocal

Stefan Debevere /Belgium/ - saxophone

Sabin Todorov-piano

Dimitar Semov-drums



August 16 /Friday/ - 20:00

1/Milen Kirov "Piano solo concert"

Milen Kirov - piano


2/"Burgas Big Band" with conductor Anastas Kamilarov


 3/"Zacker Jazz Quartet"

Martin Tashev - trumpet

Gabriel Zacker /USA/ - piano

Mihail Ivanov - double bass

Emil Pehlivanov - percussion



August 17 /Saturday/ - 20:00


1/"MEY fead JCAT "Love and Receive"

Mey- vocal

Toma Kordogli /France/ - bass

Alexander Gauthier /France/ - drums

Special guests:

Dimitar Lielev - saxophone

Miroslav Turiyski - piano


 2/"The Teachers"

Tsvetan Nedyalkov - guitar

Veselin Koychev - guitar

Hristo Minchev-bass

Christian Jelev - drums


3/"Antoni Donchev Trio" with special guest Simeon Shterev-Banana

Simeon Shterev - Banana - Flute

Antoni Donchev - piano

Victoria Kirilova - double bass

Martin Hafizi - percussion





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Burgas, Expo center "Flora"
Coordinats : 42.50445175, 27.48248863
Festival "Jazz in Burgas" 2019

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