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3 November / Friday /, 14:00

National Competition "Unknown streets"

Awarding the winners

Mediator - Dora Lazarova


3 November /Friday/, 18:00

"Pearl of Elliria" - a fantastic novel

Author - Anna Kabanova

Presented by Georgi Hristov


7 November /Tuesday/, 18:00

"Roles, Roles ... stage for theater, poetry, music" - scenarios

Author - Tatiana Yotova

Presents Georgi Minkov


November 8 /Wednesday/, 18:00

"Amber Grains - a moment of eternity" - stories

Author - Elena Gopova

Presents Manol Manolov


November 10 /Friday/, 18:00

"Hummus" - a poetry collection

Author - Peter Kraevski


November 13 /Monday/, 18:00

"Lamia EOOD" - Part II

Author - Marin Troshanov


November 20 /Monday/, 18:00

"Unwanted depths"

Author - Dinko Dinkov

Presents Vanyo Valchev

Starring Tatyana Yotova


21 November /Tuesday/, 18:00

"Let's cheer Mom and Daddy for the holiday"

Presents the theater school "Children's kingdom"

Leaded by- Atanasia Petrova


November 23 /Thursday/,18:00

"Secrets" - a teenage novel

Author - Stana Apostolova

Presents Stoyan Georgiev


27 November /Monday/, 18:00

Marian Zhelev presents writers from Varna


November 30 /Thursday/, 18:00

"Inspired by the Island", a final of the guest competition

"Poets in love with the sea" on the of St. Anascia island

The prizes will be presented by Pavlin Dimitrov


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program of home of the writer for November

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