Folklore Concert "Tsvetnitsa on the square"

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Burgas Municipality invites you to the Folklore Concert "Tsvetnitsa on the square", featuring:
-FF "Trakiyche"
-Children choir "Trepetlika"
-DF "Zornitsa"
-DF in High School "Dobri Chintulov"
-Bagpipe bands at: Military Club - Burgas, Secondary School "Dimcho Debelyanov" and High School "Dobri Chintulov"
-Orkestar "Zharava", with soloists: Miglena Dzhenezova Lazar Nalbatov


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Burgas, "Cyril an Methodius" Sqr
Coordinats : 42.49622726, 27.47418976
Folklore Concert "Tsvetnitsa on the square"

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