"Blagunite"-puppet theater play

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The cute characters from the first Bulgarian puppet series "Blagunite" come alive on stage in the show "Another beautiful day". The small spectators and their parents will meet for the first time a live Blagunite in Burgas, on 17 May, at 18.00,iIn the hall of the Cultural Center  "NHK".
Tickets: http: //www.eventim.bg/bg/bileti/blagunite-na-zivo--sofi-ruse-burgas-barna-barna-ruse-burgas-sofi-192/events.html

and the ticket office "NHK", OMV gas stations, Technomarket shops.


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Burgas, "Trojkata" Sqr
Coordinats : 42.49805450, 27.46961021
"Blagunite"-puppet theater play

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