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The audience expects much laughter and philosophical considerations in the newest show by Marius Kurkinski, in which the serious things in life are seen from their funny side. 

"The Man of My Wife". There is a signal of something interesting and attractive from the title. Is it possible my wife to have a man? Where are the causes of this crazy situation? In the political transition, in the difficult surviving or in the secrets of love? Or that there is no one who can look into my soul, in the room of my childhood?! 

The charecters in this comedy life sinful and aware. They reach many insights, but they don't change. But the theater comedy requires avoiding the painful impact on the audience. Here is the challenge for the creators of a good comedy show. The comedy is not laughting but it has to cause joy. Joy of empathy between audience and actors. Empathy between author, theater epochs, information about the human nature.

Marius says in the announcement of the show that this is an impulse of love for the person next to you.



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The Man of My Wife

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