DALIANA Restaurant


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There is hardly a person who considered the formula "beautiful Black Sea view with good seafood" and did not reach Dalyana in the Otmanli area. You no longer have to leave Bourgas to solve the same equation. It is enough to divert a few meters from the city's main streets and reach "Magazia 1" at the Sea Station. Here, apart from the magnificent view of the harbor, silhouettes and sunset, which is cut into pieces behind the outskirts of the city, you can also try your favorite seafood specialties.

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Magazia 1, Sea Station Burgas
Coordinats : 42.48797989, 27.48091698
DALIANA Restaurant

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Website: burgasrestaurants.com
E-mail: info@dalianaburgas.com
Phone: +359 898 756 308
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