Bakeries ZIA

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Bakeries "ZIA" are located on confortable places in Burgas and Pomorie and offers to the clients baked goods like pies, muffins, croissants and others. They are baked every morning infront of the client! 

Bakeries "ZIA"


1) "ZIA" - Slaveykov: Burgas, "Slaveykov" quarter, bl. 44 "Razdelitelna" Str.

2) "ZIA" - Stambolov: Burgas, 47 "Stefan Stambolov" Bld.

3) "ZIA" - Izgrev: Burgas, bl. 178 "Izgrev" quarter

4) "ZIA" - Pomorie: Pomorie, 8a "Graf Ignatiev" Str.

5) "ZIA" - Old Post Office: Burgas, 14 "Tsar Petar" Str.

6) "ZIA" - Botev (in front of the Herbal Pharmacy): Burgas, 70 "Hristo Botev"

7) NEW "ZIA" - D.Ezerovo, 75 "Zahari Zograf" Str. (after the church)


*Only in bakeries "ZIA" 2 and 6 you can enjoy to unique coffee and cappuccino of "My Gourmet Cafe", aroma and flavour that you will remember!


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in Burgas and Pomorie
Coordinats : 42.50220871, 27.46713257
Bakeries ZIA

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Phone: +359 056/ 80 32 80

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