Children Party Center "Junior"

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We have created the Children Party Center "Junior" with a lot of desire, diligence and love. We have invested our whole heart to create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere for the most precious of every parent - his baby. There is no nicer feeling than seeing your child's smile and how he or she is having fun. We appreciate it and we strive to achieve it at all times, we try to create fun memories and unforgettable experiences. You can count on our team.

"Junior" has a spacious parent room where you can have a cup of coffee while your child is playing. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi. The children's playground is equipped with interesting attractions and numerous toys, it is sounded with children's songs. There is a specially designed “baby zone” for our youngest visitors where they can have fun.


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Burgas, "Slaveikov" quarter, bl.124
Coordinats : 42.52015686, 27.44155693
Children Party Center "Junior"

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Phone: +359 988 358 658
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