Discover the Filming Locations of Burgas!

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According to Ampere Analysis, a market research group, in 2020 more than 60 per cent of Netflix’s exclusive television and films were made outside the English-speaking world. Since 2019, more than a third of all Netflix and Amazon commissions have been in languages other than English. And Disney Plus, which only launched in 2019, plans to commission 50 local productions in Europe by 2024, stated Christian Grece, European Television and VOD expert.

Burgas – a seaside treasure for everyone who discovers it and a hometown of many gifted musicians, poets, painters, artists among them Oscar nominated bright movie star Maria Bakalova, offers a lot of unique filming locations, exclusive shooting conditions, and services.

The last domestic hit, despite pandemic restrictions, “The Naked Truth about Zhiguli Band” directed by Victor Bojinov, was shot in central locations of Burgas and supported by National Film Centre and Burgas Municipality. And recently Bulgarian government approved incentives in filmmaking legislation for foreign producers (Bulgarian Cash Rebate Pases Second Parliamentary Vote).

Are you a film producer looking for seaside, unique locations in Europe?

The Bridge

Central Beach


Fishermen Village